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New Year's Green Resolutions

It’s the start of a new year and this means many are setting their new year resolutions. Some may want to spend more time away from technology, make healthier eating choices, or even be a bit more spontaneous. While those resolutions are great for your personal life, you may want to consider adding resolutions that can also benefit our Earth! Here are our top five green resolution ideas that can help benefit our earth and our air quality:

  • BYOL (Bring Your Own Lunch): We’ll start with an easy and simple resolution: bringing your own lunch. Packing your own lunch to work or school can help reduce emissions in the air because you are not driving to a destination to eat. If you already participate in this action often, consider continuing to do so. However, if this is something you occasionally do, treat mother nature this year and try to bring your lunch a few more times throughout the week!

  • Carpool: Carpooling also helps reduce vehicle emissions due to the fact that only one car will be on the road. Try looking for co-workers or classmates that live in your area that have similar schedules as you. An efficient way to find commuters in your area who are interested in carpooling is through using the TryParkingIt program. is a ride-match and trip-logging program that can help you rideshare with nearby commuters and get rewarded for it! Also, this way, you can have a greener and cost-efficient commute.

  • Buy local: Try buying local foods that are produced close to home. This supports a more sustainable food system that supports local farmers and provides healthy and in-season produce. There is a great selection of farmer’s markets around the North Texas area including the NRH Farmer’s Market in North Richland Hills, the Dallas Farmers Market, Cowtown Farmers Market in Fort Worth, Frisco Farmers Market, and White Rock Local Market in Dallas. The Dallas Farmers Market This also helps the environment because it decreases transportation needs.

  • Flexible work hours/Telecommute: Instead of getting up extremely early to sit in traffic on the way to work, work with your employer to see if you can start your commute after 10 am. This can significantly reduce idling on the roads. Alternatively, if possible, try telecommuting instead of going into the office. This can reduce vehicle emissions by skipping the drive all together.

  • Maintain your vehicle: Life is hectic and sometimes car maintenance isn’t at the top of your to-do list. This year, consider making a conscious effort to maintain your car. It is easy to forget to change your oil every so often, but keeping your car maintained can increase fuel efficiency, prolong your engine’s life, and significantly reduce emissions.  

    Keeping New Year resolutions can sometimes seem daunting. However if you make resolutions that are not too far-reaching, you can surely achieve them. Making personal resolutions is a great way to change things up in your life and help you stay motivated. Making resolutions that help the earth can be just as rewarding and life changing!

Myth Buster: Idling In Winter

Everyone has heard the idea: in winter, your car needs time to warm up before you can drive it. In reality, idling in cold weather has no benefit at all, with experts saying no more than 30 seconds of idling on winter days is needed to warm up your car. Additionally, the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy explain that your car will actually heat up faster when being driven. This idling myth is not only wrong, but leads to other additional and avoidable costs such as wasting fuel and emitting excessive air pollutants! Myth Busted.


Just do one green thing today—it will lead to many more.



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