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Be Air Aware

Join businesses, local governments and other North Texans in committing to Be Air Aware and take specific actions on Ozone Action Days.

Review the list below and select the strategies you currently and intend to implement during the critically important Ozone Action Days. High ozone levels can cause serious health problems, and inhaling ground-level ozone is especially dangerous for people who have asthma or respiratory problems.

Be Air Aware to protect health and take action to reduce air pollution. Better air quality poses fewer health risks to residents and ensures the continued economic success of the region.

Those who commit to Be Air Aware will be notified by e-mail whenever an Ozone Action Day Alert is issued. These are usually issued a day before the potential high-ozone day.

Parents and teachers can visit the "just for kids" web page for ideas on how children can participate.

Already doing & plan to continue Plan to start doing this year  
Work from home.
> Learn more; log miles, money saved at
Carpool. Try to have three or more people per vehicle.
> offers ridematching and resources to get started
Reschedule off-site meetings or utilize conference call technology.
Bring lunch to work or carpool to lunch.
> Learn more at and log miles, money saved
Use mass transit.
> Fare, schedule and route information; log miles, money saved at
Bicycle or walk.
> Bicycling and walking routes; log miles, money saved at
Avoid idling, including during start up. Newer vehicles don’t need warm-up time.
> Engine Off North Texas
Avoid unnecessary trips.
Drive the most fuel-efficient vehicle when driving is necessary.
> Check fuel efficiency
Maintain consistent driving speed by avoiding quick accelerations and hard braking.
Conserve water to conserve electricity. (Pumping water requires large amounts of electricity.)
> Save North Texas Water
Postpone mowing to a day that is not an Ozone Action Day.
> What are Ozone Action Days?
Limit use of recreational vehicles.
Avoid outdoor burning, including grilling and burning trash.
Conserve electricity by turning off lights and computers, unplugging chargers when not in use and increasing thermostat setting by two degrees or more.
> Tips and resources
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