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Tarrant County logo

Congratulations to our 2009-2010 Air North Texas Partner of the Year, Tarrant County!

Tarrant County was chosen by an award committee composed of North Central Texas Council of Governments staff and previous Air North Texas award recipients.

Based on criteria in the Air North Texas Partner Agreement and information provided on the annual progress report, Tarrant County was selected as Partner of the Year.

Tarrant County effectively reached and educated children, teachers and the public through outreach events, advertising, website content, presentations, press announcements and Radio Disney promotions. More specifically, Tarrant County was selected as Partner of the Year for efforts:

  • Publicizing involvement with Air North Texas.
  • Generating awareness of Air North Texas to the general public. 
  • Participating in numerous outreach events.
  • Placing Air North Texas information in print and electronic communications.

Click to see larger photo of Tarrant County staff at an outreach event

Click to see larger photo of Tarrant County section of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Other Outstanding Examples

Three partners were also chosen for outstanding performance in particular categories. (Click on the photos to see a larger image.)

Denton County Transportation Authority (DCTA) logo

Denton County Transportation Authority

Click to see larger photo of community event

Click to see larger photo of community event

Outstanding Achievement in Outreach

Denton County Transportation Authority (DCTA) had an informational display at almost 50 events attended by a total of nearly 500,000 North Texans between Sept. 1, 2009 and Sept. 1, 2010.

At each event, DCTA staff encouraged North Texans to visit the Air North Texas website and do something for clean air. DCTA staff also helped increase participation on clean air action day July 7, 2010.

City of Grand Prairie logo City of Grand Prairie
Outstanding Achievement in Advertising
The City of Grand Prairie consistently placed Air North Texas ads and logos in several publications such as Food for Thought and H20 Line. In addition, Air North Texas campaign information was prominently placed on the environmental services website, and monthly Clean Air Mail tips were often featured online.
Click to see larger photo of publications

University of Texas at Arlington

Click to see larger photo of UTA Campus Sustainability website home page

Click to see larger photo of UTA tote bag design

Outstanding Achievement in Initiative

The University of Texas at Arlington tested new communication strategies and applied innovative concepts to outreach related to the Air North Texas campaign.

Incoming students received brochures and tote bags with Air North Texas information. Signage throughout the dining hall also included the Air North Texas logo and tagline.

University staff created several opportunities to promote the campaign and initiated work on a project allowing students to create Air North Texas public service announcements.

In the last six months, UTA staff re-engaged with the Air North Texas campaign, and in only a short time took significant initiative to promote the campaign among students.

Organizations Can Get Involved Today!

Organizations can get involved in Air North Texas by becoming a partner. To see a list of groups that have already partnered with Air North Texas, click here. For more questions about Air North Texas and becoming a partner or if you are already a partner and want to learn about the exciting things Air North Texas has planned this year, contact Jahnae Stout at 817-608-2335 or

2011 - 2012 Air North Texas Awards

Improving air quality in North Texas requires consistent, innovative efforts throughout the year. Air North Texas partners demonstrated this through outstanding contributions to Air North Texas. The City of Plano was the 2011-2012 Partner of the Year. Denton County Transportation Authority, City of Grand Prairie, City of Fort Worth and The University of Texas at Arlington were also honored for outstanding work. Learn more >>>

2010 - 2011 Air North Texas Awards

As North Texas faced one of the toughest ozone seasons in recent years, students provided fresh perspective on air quality issues and clean air choices thanks to the city of Grand Prairie and The University of Texas at Arlington, two of the Air North Texas partners honored. Additionally, the City of Plano was honored for Outstanding Achievement in Initiative, and the Texas Department of Transportation Dallas District was recognized for Outstanding Achievement in Outreach. Learn more >>>

2008 - 2009 Air North Texas Awards

Partners are important to the success of Air North Texas. The North Texas Clean Air Coalition was the 2008 - 2009 Partner of the Year. The cities of Dallas and Grand Prairie and DCTA were also recognized last year for outstanding work.
Learn more >>>

 Clean Air for All - Photo collage of people of all ages

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