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Meet Arlo the Airmadillo!

He was born in Arlington, Texas and is proud to call the University of Texas at Arlington his alma mater. This Texas native is a fun-loving armadillo who enjoys spending quality time outdoors with friends and family.

His favorite hobbies include riding his bike and playing baseball. Even though his eyesight isn’t great, Arlo still insists on being the batter while wearing his glasses on the field. Arlo also enjoys swimming and can hold his breath for four to six minutes at a time – longer than any of this friends!  

Arlo’s favorite color is green, just like the “good” color in the Air Quality Index. Unfortunately, Arlo is affected by asthma. When the air quality in North Texas is bad, Arlo takes extra precaution when he is outdoors. When the air quality is orange or red, Arlo curls up into a ball and uses his hard shell to protect himself.

Arlo does his part to help improve air quality by choosing to carpool or cycle with friends and using mass transit to get to school. He encourages all North Texans to do the same in order to go green and breathe clean! 


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