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Clean Air Action Day

It's up to each of us to take responsibility for the air we breathe.
Clean Air Action Day 2016 was held on the first Friday of Summer, June 24.

All of the actions listed below make a difference in improving air quality. Tell us what you did for Clean Air Action Day here, and remember you can still document your action on social media. Use #CAAD2016 and tag us, @NCTCOGtrans.

Also you can find information about the Transportation & Air Quality Workshop that took place prior to the June 24 STTC meeting in support of Clean Air Action Day here.

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Take Action — Choose Clean Air

What clean air choices will you make Friday, June 24?

* indicates required fields
Email Address*
ZIP Code*
Carpool or vanpool
Use mass transit
> Fare, schedule and route information
Bike or walk
> Bicycling and walking routes
Take lunch to summer activities or work
Maintain consistent driving speed by avoiding quick accelerations and hard braking
Avoid idling
> Engine Off North Texas
Combine trips or drive less
Report smoking, polluting vehicles (#SMOKE)
> Regional Smoking Vehicle Program
Confirm you are up-to-date on regular vehicle maintenance and state emissions and safety inspection
> Texas Vehicle Inspection Program
Consider an electric or other alternative fuel lawn mower
> Clean, green lawn
Switch to energy efficient light bulbs
Pursue energy efficient home improvement projects
> Home, green home
Choose a clean vehicle option if purchasing a new vehicle (electric, hybrid, natural gas, propane, biofuels, SmartWay)
> Resources and options
Use a vehicle-approved biofuel in your car (i.e., E85 and B20)
> Resources and options
Call for an alternative-fueled or hybrid vehicle if you go to the airport or around town
Buy local or at places where less driving is required (e.g., farmers markets, walkable communities, etc.)
Encourage someone else to make clean air choices on 6.24.16
Tell a friend about Air North Texas and options that help improve air quality in the region
Commit to Be Air Aware the entire ozone season
> Be Air Aware
Other [please specify]


Share Your Story

Tell and show us more about what you did and why clean air is important.
Send comments or upload a photo or video about your commitment or Clean Air Action Day experience.

Share your story today >>>

VIDEO: See how North Texans took action >>>

Promote the Cause – Help Us Spread the Word

Link to us and we’ll do the rest. Simply copy and paste the following HTML code into your web page or blog to add the Save the Date button with a link to Air North Texas. 

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try transit to give your car a break and do something good for air quality. You also won't have to worry about getting stuck in traffic.




Schedule is another place where you can log an alternative commute, whether riding transit, bicycling, or working from home, and track how you are improving traffic congestion and air quality in North Texas.

ridesharing is also a clean-air commute alternative. Solicit carpool matches and vanpool interests through an extensive database of commuters who share similar routes and schedules


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Air North Texas is powered by the North Central Texas Council of Governments in support of regional air quality initiatives. For comments and information contact

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