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Poor air quality requires a recess from playing outside

Improving air quality protects the health, welfare of children.
We can leave North Texas air better than we found it. Reducing emissions and learning about air quality can be fun for all ages.

Kids can learn about what can be done to clean the air with Arlo the Airmadillo in the new Air North Texas Kids Activity Book! It will teach them about the importance of air quality and simple tips for cleaning up the air in North Texas.

Be Air Aware
This ozone season, Be Air Aware. Biking, walking, skateboarding, turning off the lights and saving water all help air quality.

Parents and teachers can use the Clean Air Contract this summer to get children involved in taking care of our air.

In addition to highlighting kid-friendly clean air choices, it helps explain the Air Quality Index to protect health.

Air North Texas Kids' Club Be Air Aware Pledge

Other air quality activities for children:

More air quality resources for teachers:

Please e-mail us at if you have or know of additional resources for children or teachers.

 kids need good air quality so they don't miss out on recess

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