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Amanda Wilson, AICP
Public Involvement Manager

Press Releases

North Texans Celebrate Clean Air, Summer Friday
Annual Clean Air Action Day highlights nearly 20 easy ways to improve air quality

June 18, 2012 For the fourth year, North Texans will join in taking action for clean air and log commitments at

Previously on July 7 between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., Clean Air Action Day, now on the first Friday of summer, continues to celebrate how North Texans can help improve air quality.

Across the region June 21, North Texans will do something extra to reduce ozone-causing pollution. With almost 20 potential clean air choices, North Texans can choose what fits their schedules whether going to work, out on the town or even the lake. More >>>[PDF]

North Texans Take Action for Clean Air Saturday
Between  7 a.m.  and  7 p.m.
Nearly 20 easy ways to go green, breathe clean July 7

July 5, 2012 For the third year, North Texans will join in taking action for clean air between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. July 7 and log commitments at

Whether weekend plans include entertainment and fun, chores, errands, work or all of these, clean air choices can be part of the mix. There are nearly 20 different ways individuals can reduce ozone-causing pollution on Clean Air Action Day and beyond. More >>>[PDF]

3rd Annual Clean Air Action Day Set for July 7
Prepare to do one extra thing for clean air between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.

June 19, 2012 Weekends may mean a two-day break from the office for many, but in the height of ozone season the region never gets a break from the risk of high ozone levels. For the first time, the annual Clean Air Action Day falls on a Saturday, and North Texans are ready to do something extra for clean air. More >>>[PDF]

Commuters Riding Instead of Driving Friday
North Texans prepare to pedal on Bike to Work Day

May 17, 2012 — Breakfast, not gasoline, will fuel the commute for some North Texans on Friday morning.

National Bike to Work Week culminates May 18, and North Texans will join others across the nation reaping the financial, health and environmental benefits of bicycling to work. New trails and transit options opened in the last year benefit the region and bicyclists. Additionally, several resources make it easy for North Texans to get ready to ride and track the benefits.  More >>>[PDF]

Regional Partners Launch Ozone Season Campaign: Be Air Aware
Individuals, businesses, local governments encouraged to adopt focused strategies for air pollution watches, warnings

May 4, 2012 As national Air Quality Awareness Week comes to a close, a North Texas effort to protect health, incite action and improve air quality is launching.

To energize efforts to improve air quality, Air North Texas partners are challenging North Texans, businesses and local governments to Be Air Aware and commit to focused strategies on air pollution watch and warning days. More >>>[PDF]

Advancing Transportation Projects, Improving Air Quality Linked for Region, Public Meetings
Residents asked for input on transportation priorities, strategies to reduce ozone-causing pollution

May 2, 2012 — In North Texas, transportation and air quality are closely connected. Cars and trucks contribute most of the ozone-causing pollution and short- and long-term transportation plans must comply with federal air quality standards.
Therefore, reducing congestion, offering a mix of transportation options and innovatively managing traffic contribute to better air quality – as do strategies implemented by businesses, local governments and North Texans. More >>>[PDF]

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About Air North Texas

Air North Texas is a regional clean air partnership and campaign to:

  • Provide a comprehensive air quality resource.
  • Promote a consistent, regional air quality message.
  • Leverage existing resources and program strengths in a collaborative effort.
  • Increase public awareness of specific opportunities for residents to reduce emissions.
  • Motivate residents to make clean air choices.

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